Friday, October 20, 2017


REPOST Request:  F.Y.I. all dead links or red boxes shown at zippy are now fixed so go back and check your request all you anonymous w/o a google account as those folks don't get personal notes from me who made those requests.

GARY MYRICK AND THE FIGURES - st LP 80 w Living In A Movie LP 81 w GARY MYRICK - Language EP 83 w Stand For Love LP 85

REPOST Request:  Self described 'Dangerous' kind of guitar wizard from Texas with the earlier releases having some punkish moments like a Johnny Rotton sounding roll of the tongue (brief as it is) but yes becoming friends with him on facebook I was privvy to see a picture of the chopper bike in his garage with the flames over purple gas tank and chrome skull under the handlebars...true to form.
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LOVELIES - Mad Orphan LP 88

REPOST Request:  For tom1977!


REPOST Request:  For a mr. tom1977, enjoy! Dude

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

StepMothers - You Were Never My Age LP 81

REPOST Request:  Great band from the old Posh Boy label!  I thought it was Jack Grisham from T.S.O.L. singing at first but not the case.    Would also like to say all dead links from the past few weeks on this blog are FIXED so go back and check by the search box above what you reequested to be reposted, kindly.

The Best Of Spike Jones and His City Slickers LP 75 w The Craziest Show On Earth! LP 77

Ha ha, yeah more people ought to hear this guy, he is a riot!
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Monty Python's - Contractual Obligation Album LP 80

More comedy I'm sure you will enjoy!  I didn't label the songs.

LI'L ABNER - An Original Musical Comedy LP

This is such a classic and goes right along with the other comedy posted.

Hangnails Hennessey and Wingy Brubeck - RIDES, RAPES And RESCUES LP

Some classy silent movie music.


Got mixed up on the labeling so I just left the song groups numbered generically.

THE REDS - Joey 7 w Self Reduction 7 w Whatcha' Doin' To Me 7 w Everyone Will Be Green With Envy 10 EP 79 w st LP 79 w Fatal Slide LP 82 w Shake Appeal 12 EP 84

REPOST Request:  Looks like I may be missing a file or two, I will add later if so.
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Boss Hog - st LP 95

Someone requested this band (I have a CD and another rip elsewhere I must find) but it is a timely request as guess what?  This is Jon Spencer from the Blues Explosion in this band like in Butter 08.

Das Klown - Live At Zed w Sink or Swim w Holy Crap

REPOST Request:  Thanks for Donut Duck and Mark Underground for these rare files!

TRANSLATOR - Heartbeats And Triggers LP 82 w Everywhere That I'm Not [A Retrospective} LP 86 w No Time Like Now LP 83 w st EP w LP 85 w EP 86 w Evening Of The Harvest LP 86

REPOST Request:  From San Francisco!
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Longshoremen - Walk The Plank LP 86

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YAZ - Yazoo - Don't Go - EP 82 w Situation 7 82 w Upstairs At Eric's LP 82 w You And Me Both LP 83 w Nobody's Diary 12 EP 83 w Situation 2x7 1999 Mixes

REPOST Request:  This band later had to shorten their name to YAZ which has been posted previous and a fine article about them on the facebook group, Dangerous Minds which I just think I figured out from a week or two ago are named for a Bob Geldof lyric.  Oh yeah dude in band is original member who left from Depeche Mode (who is a band I saw play with Duran Duran because my girlfriend forced me to go in high school but never liked either--YAZ I dig tho'). 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Murphy's Lawyers - PASS THE BAR LP

Another classic pulled out of the land fill.  Digging on this one for sure!  BTW I have a few more comedy vinyl conversions I did this past weekend that I am still sorting out the labeling on but should finish in a day or two so hang tight!

PLAIN WRAP! - Original Music For A Generic World LP 85

I believe these guys came out with the Generic concept before Flipper did.  This is a timeless classic from my college dorm years and since then I have bought their first CD which is highly recommended with super fast 'Punk Rock' song to open it up.